Modular shelving system composed of stackable boxes used either to store and transport that are fixed one to each other with no need of screws.

What are the shelves BrickBox?

BrickBox modular shelving great libs of wall

Modular shelving bookcase


BrickBox is a patented system comprising stackable modules used for transport and storage. It is manufactured in birch plywood laminated in white. The modules stack together with no need for screws. BrickBox is sold ready-to-assemble in flat packs that are easy to transport. Their practical handles aid transport when moving house.

BrickBox, storage modular system. Stackable wood boxes ready to moving and building bookshelf and shelving.

Large BrickBox:

To compose the structure.
Box measures: 54 x 27 x 36 cms.
Box interior measures: 51,6 x 25,5 x 33,6 cms.
Weight: 4 kg.
Resistance: 80 kg once piled.

Small BrickBox:

To equal the structure sides.
Boxes measures: 27 x 27 x 36 cms.
Boxes Interior measures: 24,6 x 25,5 x 33,6 cms. 
Weight: 3 kg.
Resistance: 100 kg once piled.



BrickBox is manufactured in Spain in 12mm controlled forest birch plywood and laminated in white.

Modules are sold separately and disassembled in an easy to carry flat pack which fits in any vehicle.

BrickBox works as a container to move to our next house and once there they are just fixed all together again with no need of screws!