May 25,2018 Regale

Discover our packaging

The modules of the BrickBox modular shelving system are served in a convenient flat pack,
ready to assemble. The shipping to the customer's home is included in the price.

Cheaper than in a store and delivered to your house door.


Nov 30,2016 BüchereiRegale

BrickBox, playing with kids

In the children’s playroom, BrickBox becomes a new toy.

The kid’s imagination plays composing different structures.

Shelving, with doors or without them, to save all our stuff!


Oct 14,2016 BüchereiRegale

Kids enjoying BrickBox

Key Kawamura, architect (Studio Banana in Madrid, Lausanne and London) is fan of BrickBox.

After using our modules in their study, libraries and shops, he has also included BrickBox at home. Kids enjoying BrickBox!



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