Doors, shelves, wall hanger, wheels, legs and tables…


Transparent polycarbonate. Folding and retractable door. They help protect against dust the contents of the box.

Transparent Large Door

Transparent Small Door


Transparent Large Door XL

Transparent Small Door XL


Aluminium door for the large BrickBox Module, perfect for protecting and concealing the contents of the module. Available in 4 colors. The door for the BrickBox Module is made of high quality aluminium, a material which withstands blows and scratching.

Large Aluminium Doors

Small Aluminium Doors


Large Aluminium Doors XL

Small Aluminium Doors XL


The shelf is used to maximize the space of a module. Can store one floor of Dvd’s or paperwork and other floor with CD’s.

Large shelf

Small shelf


XL Large Shelf

XL Small Shelf

BrickBox wall hanger

It lets you place modules on the wall. A support per module. Bent stainless steel plate.
Includes screws and wall plugs.

BrickBox wall hanger large

BrickBox wall hanger small


Attached to the base they allow the structure to be moved. A brake wheel is recommended to prevent the whole structure from moving.

Normal wheel

Wheel with brake


10 cm-high aluminium-coloured painted iron. Extremely useful to avoid skirting boards.





Birch laminated plywood board in white on both sides and 18 mm thick. Suitable for forming tables resting on 2 layers of BrickBox (72 cm.) or for using with screwed-on legs (we do not sell the legs).We also make boards to measure (ask about prices).

Board 1500x600x18

Board 1500x800x18

Leg for table

Metal leg in color grey. With height regulator and plate for screwing to the table.

Leg for table

Leg for table

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