Coffee Table “BoTable”

BoTable is the new coffee table designed by Kazam Design.

Nightlife, funny and active, BoTable is designed to share the most social space of home: dinner for two, a Scrabble game or a drink with friends. Its lateral sides offer an exhibition place for coffee-books and at the front sides BrickBox drawers can be placed or magazines. The central part hides a practical bottle rack because BoTable likes to eat, play and drink. And to travel on its wheels.

Made in 12 mm-thick birch plywood laminated in white and lid of translucent methacrylate. It is send disassembled in a flat package and easy assembling. Size: 90 x 60 x 40 cm.

Coffee Table “BoTable”

Center dining table

Center coffee table


Low table for eating


Low table with bottle rack



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