What are BrickBox XL modules?

The BrickBox XL modules are designed to store vinyl records, files, big books and clothes. They are also prepared to have doors, shelves and are compatible with standard modules


Its measures are suitable for the storage of clothes and footwear, becoming a practical wardrobe for small spaces of a depth of only 35 cm. We offer doors and shelves for these XL modules.

You can build a structure with the XL modules in the lower level and put standard modules in the upper level. But never otherwise.

Unlike the standard modules, the modules XL do not allow structures in L shape (angle) because the box depth (35 cm) is bigger than the half of its length (54 cm).

With the XL modules, you can NOT build dividing walls with boxes open to both sides. You can build this kind of structure only if all boxes look to the same side.

Large BrickBox XL

To create all kinds of bookshelves.
External measurements of the boxes: 54x35x40 cms.
Internal measurements of the box: 51,6x33,5x37,6 cms.
Weight: 5,6 Kgs.
They hold up to 80 kgs of weight when stacked.

Small BrickBox XL

To complete the ends of the bookshelf.
External measurements of the boxes: 27x35x40 cms.
Internal measurements of the box: 24,6x33,5x37,6 cms.
Weight: 3,7 Kgs.
They hold up to 100 kgs of weight when stacked.

BrickBox is sold ready-to-assemble

BrickBox is made from 12mm-thick birch plywood, laminated in white.
Ready-to-assemble BrickBox is sold in flat packs, easy to transport in any vehicle.

You only need a screwdriver, if electric much better!. Pilling up more than 6 boxes is not recommended (216 cms.)

hanks to their practical handles the boxes aid transport when moving house.

So you no longer have to dismantle the bookshelf or box up your things: use the boxes to move things from the house to the car and from the car to the new house!


How does the brickbox modular bookshelf work?



Two sizes of modules BrickBox are commercialized in order to compose all kind of structures:

Large BrickBox

To make all kinds of bookshelves.

Small BrickBox

To complete the ends of the bookshelf.




Large BrickBox modules are assembled like brick walls. The Small BrickBox modules are placed at the end to complete the ends of the bookshelves.




Placing the nylon pegs on the base into the lower BrickBox holes creates a safe and secure structure. The BrickBox shelves are attached to each other without the need for screws!


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Modular low cabinet for vinyl records

Modular furniture for vinyl records and plates


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