What can you build?

A simple box fixed to the wall or a large bookstore, BrickBox is versatility




A classic structure with equal sides. Wheels can be attached to the base for structures no higher to 4 rows.


Allowing to be adapted to irregular spaces or to form more dynamic structures.



Adapting to 90º corners to advantage maximum space.

Two faces

With BrickBoxes facing both sides of a structure. Useful as a separating furniture in offices or studios.


Table support

Piling two BrickBox you get a height of 72cm, perfect to support a table board.





Wall shelf

BrickBox structure bookstore arranged on both sides can design your library. Very useful as a separator of environments in offices furniture or design studios. If it is not very large (up to 4 floors) may be added wheels on the base. They serve to protect from dust and to display the contents of the box.


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