Aug 08,2019 Motif

New wooden legs

After many customer requests, here are the new wooden legs! Wooden legs in beech that add elegance to the final finish of your shelf.

Pata de madera para estantería modular

Pata de haya en estantería modular de roble


Jul 24,2019 Motif

New In: BrickBox Natural Oak et Pied en Bois

Présentation du nouveau BrickBox Natural Oak.
Fabriqué avec notre contreplaqué de bouleau habituel
et maintenant plaqué avec du chêne naturel, offrant une finition vive et élégante,
Idéal pour combiner avec les nouvelles jambes en bois.


May 16,2019 Des étagères

There's no difficult spaces with BrickBox!

There are very difficult spaces to decorate: the hole under the stairs, rooms with lower ceilings than usual, complicated distributions ... Whenever you find yourself don't knowing what to do with that kind of space: think of BrickBox! The modular shelves are the ideal solution in these cases. As an example, the Barcelona company Air-Fire has created a structure for underneath the stairs and a modular office furniture that at the same time serves as a separator of environments, optimizing the maximum space available.


May 08,2019 Des étagères

Walls down!

With only eight modules you can create an ideal room separator to delimit two spaces of the house. In this case, the client has chosen to separate the bedroom from the living area. Walls down!



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